Jurassic World Dinosaurs

One of the most exciting things about seeing Jurassic Park is that you get to feel as though you have stepped back in time to observe what prehistoric times were like with the dinosaurs without actually having to be there in that scary time. For all the Jurassic Park enthusiasts, or if Jurassic Park does not excite you but you have an avid interest in dinosaurs, here is a list of the dinosaurs present in Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4) and how they compare with archaeological facts about them.


The Troodon is a bird-like dinosaur said to measure about 7 feet in length with long specialized feet. The Jurassic Park script doesn’t stray far from the scientific estimates with this creature and it should be interesting to see its role in Jurassic Park IV particularly as it has a bigger brain than most dinosaurs.


The Allosaurus is one of the most popular dinosaurs and perhaps Jurassic park would not be complete without it. Jurassic Park may exaggerate it a little because its jaws are quite deceptive. They appear small but can actually stretch to accommodate large prey with its razor sharp teeth. The Allosaurus has a massive body supported by powerful back limbs and of course its tail. Jurassic Park 4 stays true to the scientific depiction.


This is a larger version of the Velociraptors featured in every Jurassic Park film and should escape the Velociraptors’ criticism of being too small to accomplish the feats they were made to do by being tremendously exaggerated in terms of their size in the previous Jurassic Park films.


It is arguable that the fish and sea eating creature portrayed here does not match up with the actual science. However, because of its portrayal as a mega-sized leviathan, many are content with the portrayal as being the early pre-evolved version of the crocodile. A precise comment on whether the film accurately portrays it or exaggerates the dinosaur cannot be made especially as only one fossil of this dinosaur has been found which makes it difficult for many scientific conclusions to be drawn about it. However, some posit that it may have attained lengths of over 40 feet and weigh in at about 7 tonnes.


It is felt that the Majungasaurus is a close relative of the Tyrannosaurus which would explain archaeological findings of creatures that would have been built like the T-Rex, but whose bone structure spoke to a smaller stout. The movie imitates this structure exactly, but to what end remains to be seen in the film.


This is not to be confused with the Compsongnathus seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. This dinosaur is actually over 9 feet in length and was a pack a hunter. Notwithstanding their length they are known to take down large prey after all there is strength in numbers and could have a significant feature in Jurassic Park IV.


This dinosaur is bigger than but similar to the T-Rex but with only about one-third of the T-Rex supposed intelligence. Hence portrayals in the film of it being overly aggressive and vicious may actually be quite accurate as it would be a less controlled creature, with fewer inhibitions or though patterns that mimic or speak to remorse.


The exact built of the Carnotaurus has baffled and caused disagreement between many scientists particularly as it would appear that its severely short spout is such a disadvantaging feature that some are willing to call it a deformity. However, the film portrays it as actually having a power bite on account of its compact stout.


Also known as the T-Rex, it is submitted that , no dinosaur film is complete without the indomitable T-Rex and it is anticipated that it will feature in Jurassic Park IV despite its defeat in the previous film. This is one dinosaur that the film had no need to exaggerate as it is a very powerful therapod. It had a thick heavy skull and a jaw that measured up to 4 feet in length. Coupled with serrated conical teeth, the T-Rex is the ultimate killer dinosaur and it will be difficult to envisage it not making a comeback in Jurassic Park IV.